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Introduction to Cloud Accounting




QuickBooks is a product of Intuit and has been serving small business communities and accountants for the past decade. QuickBooks Desktop was one of the first versions launched by Intuit in the early 2000's. Since then, Intuit’s QuickBooks has been a hot item chosen by accountants because of how versatile and fluid the software can be. With QuickBooks Desktop, accountants could save their work on a flash drive and load the financials to the small business owner’s computer.  The accountant would take the file back to his office to work on it, and then by the time he was able to return it to the business owner, several expenses were incurred and income checks were deposited to the bank and recorded by the company bookkeeper. This caused mass confusion for both the accountant and the business owner because it was not a "live file". QuickBooks needed to come up with a solution to this problem. 

Through the years, the use of the internet has sky rocketed. Most generations can find themselves using the internet. Since the popularity of the internet has increased, QuickBooks decided to update their system to online. Going online or in the “cloud” makes it a lot easier for accountants to connect with their business owners.

Years ago, If a client wanted to see his/her finances but had QuickBooks Desktop, he/she would have to call his/her accountant and have the accountant manually send over the statements. With QuickBooks online, there is no need for that. QuickBooks Online offers access to five users for free! The client can easily log in with their user name and password from any computer to access their information.

If you are on the go traveling or are rarely near a computer, you can easily access your QuickBooks Online account from a smartphone and tablet. QuickBooks Online connects up to 300+ cloud based apps that you can quickly integrate into the software such as PayPal and Square. And you never have to worry about losing your vital information because QuickBooks automatically backups your account with bank level security.

Lately it seems that Intuit wants you to switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online because of the number of perks given to you. Some features would cost extra money on desktop but are free online. For example, you can automatically download your bank transactions on QB Online for free but have to pay a monthly fee on QB Desktop of $14.99. A recent report shared by Intuit reported that QuickBooks Online now has more than 1.5 million paying subscribers.  It is projected that by 2020 78% of QuickBooks users will be fully migrated to the cloud.

QuickBooks Online just seems like the right way to go.  CBAuthentix currently has over 75% of it's clientele on the cloud platform. As a small business owner, with QuickBooks Online, you can lower your monthly costs and increase your productivity at the same time.  Time will save you money! QuickBooks continues to look out for their customers to help increase their efficiency and assure them that their financials are secure.

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