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2 Apps That You Should be Using

The integration of mobile applications has enabled businesses to provide more value and connect better with their customers. Companies such as Square Inc. and Google have teamed up with Intuit to integrate their own personal software into QuickBooks Online.  Two of the applications, in which I have identified below, have played a major role in contributing to my businesses’ success over its most recent years.                        

Square Inc.

Quick, easy & painless is how I would best describe Jack Dorsey’s mobile payment company.  Through an app on your phone, you can swipe a customer’s credit card using a small “Square” credit card reader on the bottom of your phone using the headphone jack. If you’re a small business always on the go, you can now have your customer’s swipe their credit cards using Square Inc and it will immediately show up on QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Over the years Square has adapted to the new chip card technology and also a new Square stand where store owners can swipe credit cards through a digital computer screen that is made from an iPad.     Forget the manual data entry; the information is there as soon as you swipe the credit card.  Therefore, the invoices are created automatically and all your fees are created and kept in one place.  With each swipe QuickBooks immediately records the sale and merchant fees in your register so the bookkeeping is already done for you.  Additionally, you can also e-mail invoices to customers where they can pay the invoice by entering his or her credit card information with a touch of a button.  The new chip card readers are also equipped with the latest Apple Pay technology that makes payment instantaneous.    No monthly fees for equipment, you just pay per swipe.  Whether in a store or out on the run, processing credit cards has never been so easy.  



Google Cloud has teamed up with QuickBooks Online to make small business owner do accounting at their fingertips. You are now able to access QuickBooks directly from your G-Suite account. The QBO icon will now appear on the Google app drop down menu. G-Suite also offers fast and easy invoicing. The billable time in your calendar spent on a job will automatically appear in your time sheets which will help you produce the most accurate results. Also, G-Suite allows keeping your customers contact information all in one place. Now you are able to access your contacts on QuickBooks through G-mail and Google calendar which currently occupies 75% of the e-mail server customer base.  From a personal perspective, having everything all in one place keeps you much more organized and efficient.  

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