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Get in the Cloud with QuickBooks Online

 Intuit continues to improve the lives of small business owners. Instead of saving all your files on your computer, Inuit is using the cloud to make accessing your financials simpler.  In the past, small business owners would buy the desktop version of QuickBooks for a few hundred dollars but now with QuickBooks online, you can access your financials on the go and for as little as $10 per month.


Since the form of payment for QuickBooks online is only a small subscription fee, it has become very popular with small business owners. Forget investing hundreds of dollars on the desktop website when you get QuickBooks Online for cheaper with more features and utilize the latest technology.

QuickBooks Online adds a new feature almost every month. With each feature, it is bound to save you time and maybe even money. Less than a month ago, Intuit added features that included inventory bundles, email updates, and bank transfer statements.

Inventory Bundles

If you are a business who is constantly moving inventory in and out, you can now group your products into a bundle and add multiple items to your transaction. You can customize your bundle by adding names, SKU’s, and information from the sale.

E-Mail Updates

The email update feature now allows you to CC and BCC more than one email address when sending invoices. An update too was made for purchase orders which allow you to customize a default greeting every time a purchase order is sent out.

Bank Transfer Statements

If you constantly need to manually input data into your purchase order, QuickBooks online has now solved that problem and will automatically update the estimate directly into the purchase order.

Customized Reports

If you are a small business owner who is constantly checking your financials, you can now save up to 10 customized reports that will be ready to use by just a click of a mouse. The accounting method, date, number format, filters, and headers and more can all be customized to your liking.

With these new enhancements to QuickBooks Online, you will be on top of your financials. The beauty of these enhancements is that it saves you the extra headache and makes sure your financials are in order. Intuit continues to seize the accounting world.


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