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Bookkeeping in the Cloud

The holiday season has come and gone and 2019 is finally here.

Now that the New Year has started, what goals do you have for your business in 2019? Are you looking to get a better grip on your business finances? Do you want to make your business more organized as a whole?

To reach this goal, have you considered bookkeeping in the cloud? We believe that bookkeeping in the cloud creates a more structured business model and allows you to be more productive with its timesaving features. We have actively been using and promoting cloud bookkeeping services since our incorporation in 2012!

Through Inuit QuickBooks Online (QBO) and bookkeeping apps that we've discussed in previous blog posts, you now have the power to track your finances from the tip of your fingers.

With so many technological advances in our industry, we cannot stress enough using these tools to your advantage.


With bookkeeping in the cloud through software like QBO, you do not have to put in each transaction or expense one by one. I remember years ago manually entering each transaction one by one. What a tedious, meticulous waste of time!

Instead, you can sync your data in one convenient place – from income to expenses, payments, bank accounts, and invoices. You can also set up automatic reminders and payments so you never have to worry about forgetting important deadlines.

Automation means less time dealing with receipts & more time tending to the areas of your business that mean the most. Our goal is to improve efficiency as much as possible by eliminating double entry.


No more updating your excel spreadsheets.

QBO will visibly show you where you are in each category of your business, leaving you with a clear focus on what areas need to be attended to.

By syncing your data and accounts, bookkeeping with the cloud generates a visual report for you to assess and updates frequently. Login to your account on your computer or download the Quickbooks app to see your business overview report daily.


Do you use other apps to run your business? Do you use Square to process credit card payments? Both can be easily connected to your QBO account and will automatically record the payment and merchant expense seamlessly!


Electronic invoices are another great feature of bookkeeping in the cloud. Email customers their invoice before they even walk out the door. Set up recurring automatic payments for your monthly, quarterly or weekly customers. Electronic invoices will be saved in the cloud and are easy to find later on when you need to look back on the business week, month, or year.

Trust me……it will a ton of time & paper!


We've all had a computer crash at some point in our life that caused us to our work. Accounting in the cloud provides automatic backup on a real time basis. No more transferring files back and forth. Everything is "live" and most importantly SECURE!


All in all, the cloud, apps, and artificial intelligence is changing our industry for the better. These platforms help us find the loopholes easier and determine how to guide you in the right direction. We know how to get the job done timely and in a cost-efficient manner.

Do not fear switching to the cloud. This is what we are here for. After a quick tutorial and a few easy steps, you will be on your way to reaching your financial goals. We are here to guide you with what software and apps are the best to maximize bookkeeping in the cloud!

Chris Boyer

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