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Applications that every business owner needs

Do you find it difficult to keep paper records of all areas of your business? Do you dread tax season because your books are not up to date? Or, are you an organized tracker who is tired of not always having your paper records on-hand?

You may want to consider using some apps to make these tasks easier. Apps can help improve efficiency, automation and work flow. They are easily accessible from your phone or tablet and simplify your ability to track all aspects of your business.

With constant updates and a secure database for your information, we recommend incorporating apps into your routine.

This week's blog focuses on 4 of our favorite apps and how they will help business owners.


Receipt Bank tags itself as a "paperless bookkeeping platform".

Instead of wasting time manually entering your transactions, you can use your phone to scan your receipts and invoices with Receipt Bank. You have the option to insert the information into the Receipt Bank database or have it exported to your personal computer. The app also gives you client reminders and works seamlessly with other software, such as QuickBooks and Bill.com (more about this app later).

Receipt Bank is on our list because it eliminates extra data input time, allowing more time for what matters most to your business.


Bill.com functions as a control center for your business. This app allows you to set up a fast way for customers to pay online, pay the vendors that help your business run online, and view your cash flow all at the tip of your fingers.

You can email and fax documents right into your Bill.com account. Additionally, the status of your payments is stored in one convenient spot. Everything in the Bill.com portal is also backed up, so you never have to worry about losing important documents.

We especially like Bill.com because it allows you to grant file access to your accountant and bookkeeper! This allows us to look at the necessary documents and helps us do a better job in helping your business.


Webgility is another data automation app on the market to make keeping your business organized easier. Using what Webgility calls "Unify Software", this app organizes your business operation into an easy-to-view interface. Check daily sales profits and view trends of how well your business has done over the past few months.

Track ecommerce transactions, keep record of you inventory, and track your orders for you and your customers with Webgility.

Like Receipt Bank and Bill.com, Webgility also allows you to connect all apps and updates information automatically.

Have an Amazon ecommerce store for your business? Webgility allows you to link that your account as well!


If you are constantly traveling on the job, Mile IQ is a necessity. Especially if you are an independent contractor.

When traveling, it is very easy to lose receipts and forget about tolls and parking fees.

The Mile IQ app tracks your mileage right on your phone while you are driving. Once the app is installed and the account is set up, miles are automatically tracked in the background. You can still use your GPS and play music from your phone while the app is running.

To get more of an in-depth experience, you can register your vehicle to the app and specify if the trip is for personal or business.

It's easy to get miles you drive for your business lost in the shuffle. We like this app because it is extra beneficial come tax season, especially if you freelance or are an independent contractor.


While it may be hard to get away from traditional, paper records, apps are going to make your life easier and maximize your time.

It is important to keep in mind that all of these apps ensure a safe and secure portal for your information. Regardless, make sure your password is unique and includes uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and numbers.

Technology is paving the way for automating day to day work that we do. Commitment to data input and information is crucial to what we do. We want to help grow your business!

Contact us if you have any questions on how to bring mobile and desktop applications to your business.

Chris Boyer

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